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6 Understanding Population Dynamics and Global Change
Pages 29-32

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... Although some writers have treated population as an independent or exogenous variable in terms of its relationship to global change, environmental factors also influence population processes. For example, environmental quality, including climate, is one of the prime factors influ 29
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... It will provide information on the likely human impacts of events predicted by climate models, identify model outputs of particular importance for impact studies, and possibly alter parameters used as inputs to climate models; · it will provide important socioeconomic and population characteristics as inputs into land use models, thus improving the accuracy of forecasts from such models; · it will provide inputs into models of demand for other environmentally relevant resources, including energy, water, agricultural chemicals, and manufactured goods, thus improving forecasts of burdens on the environment mediated by such demand; and · it will assist the wider USGCRP initiative on integrated assessment by providing straightforward links between projected impacts and possible policy responses on one hand, and the size and distribution of affected populations on the other. TIMELINESS OF EFFORT Focused research on population and global change at least the following reasons: ,;.
From page 31...
... There is emerging activity within the population research community, as evidenced by the papers being presented at recent meetings of the Population Association of America and activities of the NRC's Committee on Population (Jolly and Torrey, 19931. In the past, the population research community sat on the sidelines when global change issues were discussed, and as a result demographic expertise was not brought into discussions of population and global change.
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... Its plans include developing and experimenting with models of global scale that include population variables and developing methods for analyzing population-environment dynamics within particular countries. The research directions we identify here are quite compatible with the international plans for HDP, making it likely that U.S.

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