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2 Understanding Land Use Change
Pages 9-14

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From page 9...
... The forces that determine the trajectory of land use change will affect not only the natural environment, but also the human consequences of climate change both its socioeconomic impacts and the policy options available for mitigation and adaptation. For example, the impact of climate change will depend on changes in land use occasioned by growing demand for agricultural commodities, human habitation, and the preservation of natural habitats.
From page 10...
... RELATION TO USGCRP PRIORITIES A focused research effort on land use change will support the wider needs of the USGCRP in at least the following ways: · by improving forecasts of the future status of land cover and thus changes in the earth's albedo and other physical parameters affecting climate change;
From page 11...
... and the Human Dimensions of Environmental Change Programme (HDP) are in the process of developing an organized international scientific research program in this area, and an effort to focus research within the United States now would both assist the international effort and leverage that effort to strengthen work being done domestically; and · a focused research priority in this area would help coalesce the growing interest in human dimensions research within agencies that have not previously been major contributors to the USGCRP (e.g., the Department of the Interior, the Department of Agriculture)
From page 12...
... In these environments, land transformation can be both a source and a consequence of global change. Model construction would be designed to analyze the sensitivity of land use and land cover changes to two broad categories of policy regimes: (a)
From page 13...
... and international research efforts on the human dimensions of global change make it important that the USGCRP science plan in the area of land use change draw on and reinforce the IGBP/HDP effort. IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES The research program should represent a mix of institutional support and project support for investigator-initiated research.
From page 14...
... Research focused on global change consequences and options in the land use area must include careful attention to the fact that agents anticipate such changes and respond, rationally or otherwise, to anticipated changes and to anticipated policy responses.

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