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Chapter 3: Principles for German Participation
Pages 33-35

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From page 33...
... Serving commercial interests, finding additional markets for German industry, or influencing the domestic clebate on the future of nuclear energy and plutonium recycling are separate issues and must not be allowed to affect any decision on the pressing issue of WPu management and disposition. No attempt has been made, and no necessity has been seen, to reach consensus on differing opinions as long as consensus was not needed for recommendations serving the exclusive goal.
From page 34...
... Especially noteworthy are the negotiations for a cut-off agreement at the Conference of Disarmament at Geneva, which would result in international safeguards on military-related production facilities in the nuclear-weapon states, and efforts to establish an international plutonium regime that would enhance control and transparency of all existing plutonium stocks, including those in the nuclear-weapon states. Since success in these efforts is expected within a few years, international assistance for reducing the risks posed by plutonium from dismantled nuclear warheads should anticipate these higher standards whenever possible.
From page 35...
... 35 recommendation for a sustained diplomatic effort to negotiate a regime of comprehensive international safeguarcis for all kinds of plutonium in all countries.

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