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From page 12...
... This acceptance proceeds Rom art exceptionally large and consistent data base that demonstrates human response to exposures, from supporting data derived from laboratory studies with animals, and Dom experiments conducted at a basic mechanistic level in cell culture systems. Although a well-documented dose-response relationship has been established for the increased cancer rates induced by ionizing radiation at higher doses, direct epidemiologic study of exposure to environmental levels of ionizing radiation has not effectively demonstrated quantitative risks in human populations.
From page 13...
... Ultraviolet light, with frequencies somewhat smaller than that of ionizing radiation (less than about 10~5 Hz) , does not have sufficient quantal energy to cause direct ionization of the absorbing tissue constituents, but still can damage the molecular components of biologic material through excitation of the atomic and molecular constituents, thus initiating molecular reactions or altering chemical structures.
From page 14...
... This relationship invariably shows an increasing response with increasing dose and generally shows some decrease in response for the same dose delivered over increasing amounts of time. For the case of exposure to ELF-E~, however, there are no certain biological or health effects and there is a large uncertainty with regard to what characteristics of the field to use for dose determination (for example, the root-mean-square field intensity multiplied by time, or the peak field intensity multiplied by a time factor, or a parameter involving the pulse shape or time variation of the pulses, etc.)
From page 15...
... Although there has been an extensive history of study of the response of biologic systems to exposure to EMF, no conclusive evidence about the potential for such fields to cause detrimental health effects has been produced. Some laboratory studies have reported evidence of biologic response to exposure to ELF-EMF, although, most either have not been reproduced, or have not been conclusively associated with detrimental health effects.
From page 16...
... When serious uncertainties in interpretation of available evidence arise in an area in which one or the other interpretation would have serious technical and economic consequences, it is important for government to help resolve the issues. As noted, there has been extensive study of the response of biologic systems to exposure to ELF-EMF, but there continues to be no conclusive scientific evidence about the potential for such fields to cause detrimental health effects.
From page 17...
... Under Item 303, Section 211S, of the act, Congress established a 5-year program to investigate the possible effects of exposure to ELF-EMF on human health. The section outlines a national government-industry partnership to determine whether EMF exposure produced by the generation, transmission, and use of electric energy affects human health; to carry out research, development, and demonstration of technologies that would mitigate any adverse human health effects; and to disseminate information related to possible human health effects of EMF exposure.

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