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From page 52...
... The booklet builds on the tradition of information brochures produced by other agencies and universities; the authors note that much of the material provided was originally developed by the Bonneville Power Administration, one of the first federal agencies to recognize the public need for information about the science underlying the EMF issue. Other booklets that come highly recommended include EMF in Your Environment (EPA, 1 992)
From page 53...
... A few examples follow: . On page 5, the discussion of fields originating from alternating and direct current states that "in most practical situations, a batte~y-operated appliance is unlikely to induce electric current in the person using the appliance." Although that assertion may be true for purely direct current devices such as a flashlight, it is clearly not true for appliances that have universal motors or electronic circuits.
From page 54...
... Furthermore, the health effects that might result from changes in cells, and to some extent from experiments with animals, are related to possible human health effects only through complex arguments that can be explained through detailed discussions beyond the scope of the booklet. The discussion of melatonin is appropriate both because it has potential as a mechanism by which EM exposure can produce a wide range of biologic effects and because it has received considerable publicity.

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