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Managing the Space Sciences (1995) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix A: Requests for Study
Pages 79-80

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From page 79...
... Neither condition is acceptable, and the Committee will expect whatever pool of funds to be used for future new starts to come from outside of the existing base of space science funds. The Committee expects the National Academy of Sciences to factor this funding and mission vacuum into its assessment for the need for a national institute for space science.
From page 80...
... initiate this study in accordance with Congressional guidelines. Specific directions are provided in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Report 103-127 In compliance ninth these directions, a task group should be formed to examine alternative organizational approaches to coordinating and overseeing NASA's science programs In addition, the SS~ should utilize existing task groups andfor subpanols to evaluate possible mechanisms for estabt~hing interdisciplinary science pnorH'es based on sacatific merit and/or curer pertinent cnterla; Improving utilization of advanced technologies in future seance motions; and ensnare opportunities for smaller, newer science disciplines to successfully compete for limited resou roes against larger, more established ones.

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