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Appendix C: Adjusments to Epidemiologic Estimates of Excess Lung Cancer in Persons Exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Pages 289-293

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From page 289...
... ~ this section we combine information from several sources to generate crude estimates of the relative risk to nonsmokers as a consequence of chronic exposure to ETS. The computations reported here are highly simplified and should be looked on as providing only a first approach to risk evaluation.
From page 290...
... ETS-exDosed nonsmokers, and regular smokers, respectively. Several assumptions need to be made to permit the use of these data before any quantitative risk computation can be made: __, ~r~~~~ Current smoking patterns reflect past patterns.
From page 291...
... which, from Chapter 12, is 1.34, the relative risk estimated from the epidemiologic studies. From the studies that measured cotinine in "exposed" and ~unexposed" persons, we assume that the operative dose level, iE, among "exposed" individuals is 3 ties as high ~ the dose level in the selúreported "unexposed persons, do, and that the ratio of 3:1 is proportional to a lifetime dose difference.
From page 292...
... ,., (5) where pi is the proportion of people who call themselves "exposed," RRt is the relative risk of self-reported "exposers persons, and RR2 is the relative risk of selúreported "unexposed persons.
From page 293...
... Salloyee. Biochemical markers of smoke absorption and self reported exposure to passive smoking.

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