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1 Background and Significance
Pages 11-16

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From page 11...
... Fifteen panels of experts drafted sets of quantifiable objectives that were then published in the Federal Register in fall of ~979 to elicit broad-based review and commentary from the public and private health care system. Interim and final revisions to 226 objectives representing each of the 15 strategic areas were completed by the spring of 1980.
From page 12...
... Evaluation of progress toward achieving the 226 objectives outlined in Promoting Health/Preventing Disease: Obiectives for the Nation relied on Denodic r~ro~ress reviews and a midcourse review Roth A-' ~ o'er or- r-~o^~~~^~~ ~^~~~^~~~ ~~ reviews Included discussions ot the progress that had been made toward achievement of each of the objectives and the five overarching goals, analysis of shortfalls and problems associated with implementation ofthe interventions, and suggestions for modifications to the specific language of objectives or the methods of intervention. Five periodic progress reviews and the midcourse review were completed by 1996 (National Center for Health Statistics, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997~.
From page 13...
... Periodic briefing summaries were provided to the assistant secretary for health and human services and were then published in Public Health Service Progress Review Reports on Healthy People 2000 (National Center for Health Statistics, 1992, 1994, 19971. In addition, a midcourse review was conducted as a 2-year effort initiated in ~ 993.
From page 14...
... Department of Health and Human Services to elicit comments on the Healthy People 2010 draft Tom the health care community, members of special population groups, and interested consumers. A meeting of the Healthy People 2010 Consortium was held in November 1998 to discuss the implications of results Tom the public comment period and regional meetings.
From page 15...
... Changes in availability and access to health care services 1 goals (promote healthy behaviors, promote healthy and safe communities, improve systems for personal and public health, end prevent end reduce diseases end disorders) , 26 focus areas, objectives, and"developmental objectives" that are associated with each focus area but for which current surveillance systems and databases do not yet provide the requisite quantitative measures.
From page 16...
... Furthermore, a set of leading health indicators can create a national identity for Healthy People 2010 and can expand the traditional Healthy People community to include a wide variety of agencies, organizations, diverse population groups, community organizations, and individuals from outside as well as within the health care community. To achieve their full potential for success, communications strategies for leading health indicators must be appropriate and effective for the general population and diverse population groups, especially those that may not be reached by traditional health care communications campaigns such as elderly people, members of racial and ethnic minority groups, members of socioeconomically disadvantaged groups and disabled people.

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