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4 Linkage with Healthy People 2010
Pages 57-62

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From page 57...
... This has shifted the emphasis on mortality to a broader view of health that includes mortality as well as attention to health outcomes and determinants such as prevention of disabilities, improvement of overall physical, social, and mental status, reliefofpain, earlier detection and treatment of health conditions, and improved functional capacity at each stage of life. The three proposed leading health indicator sets reflect this shift in emphasis away Tom simple mortality measures to the more complex topic of health-related quality of life.
From page 58...
... Higher disease incidence rates and poorer rates of survival for many illnesses, higher levels of exposure to adverse social and environmental risk factors, and decreased access to medical and preventive interventions all contribute to the disproportionate rate of negative health outcomes in diverse population groups. Healthy People 2000 attempted to address this issue by establishing an overarching goal of reducing disparities in health among the members of the U.S.
From page 59...
... Currently, the three sets of recommended indicators rely on phrasing that is more familiar to the professionals in the public and private health care systems as well as proponents ofthe general concept of Healthy People. Preliminary qualitative research that assesses consumers response to the proposed leading health indicator sets will be funded and conducted by a private health care foundation during spring and summer, 1999.
From page 60...
... Integration ofthe proposed leading health indicator sets with each ofthese four enabling goals is readily apparent upon review of the indicators within each of the three proposed sets. For example, the Health Determinants and Health Outcomes Set includes three indicators directed to the improvement of systems for personal and public health (poverty, health insurance, and high school graduation)
From page 61...
... . X X X X X X Improve Promote Promote Prevent and Systems for Healthy Healthy Reduce Disease Personaland Indicator Behaviors Communities and Disorders Public Health .
From page 62...
... population, social change, improvements in the health care delivery system, improvements in communications strategies, especially those for diverse population groups, and progress toward attainment of the quantitative and developmental objectives within the 26 focus areas, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must ensure that appropriate changes are incorporated into the relevant dimensions of the selected leading health indicator set.

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