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Appendix A: Meeting Participants
Pages 71-73

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From page 71...
... MacArthur Foundation William Greenough, University of Illinois Janice Jackson, Boston College Jack Jennings, Center on Education Policy, Washington, DC lean Krusi, Ames Middle School, Ames, IA Gloria Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin l
From page 72...
... Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement lose Mestre, University of Massachussetts Robert Morse, St. Alban's School, Washington, DC Linda Nathan, Boston Arts Academy Annemarie Palincsar, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Roy Pea, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA James Pellegrino, Vanderbilt University Penelope Peterson, Northwestern University Thomas Romberg, University of Wisconsin Carol Stewart, Office of the Governor, Columbia, SC WORKSHOP ON LEARNING RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PRACTICE January 13-14, 1999 Amy Alvarado, Sanders Corner Elementary School, Ashburn, VA Karen Bachofer, San Diego City Schools, San Diego, CA Robert Bain, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor David Berliner, Arizona State University, Tempe John Bransford, Vanderbilt University Cathy Cerveny, Logan Elementary School, Baltimore, MD Rodney Cocking, National Research Council Cathy Colglazier, McLean High School, Fairfax, VA Myrna Cooney, Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids, IA Ron Cowell, Education Policy and Leadership Center, Harrisburg, PA Suzanne Donovan, National Research Council Arthur Eisenkraft, Bedford Public Schools, Bedford, NY Jean Krusi, Ames Middle School, Ames, IA Luna Levinson, U.S.
From page 73...
... MEETING PARTICIPANTS lames Pellegrino, Vanderbilt University Iris Rotberg, George Washington University Leona Schauble, University of Wisconsin Carol Stewart, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Columbia, SC Lucy West, PS/IS 89, Math Initiative, New York, NY Alexandra Wigdor, National Research Council 73

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