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... . Testimony was presented by members of Congress and federal agencies, academic scientists, and representatives of electric power companies and commercial businesses with a strong interest in the outcome of research on the human health effects on MFs.
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... Three main directives were given: to determine whether exposure to 60-Hz MFs produced by the generation, transmission, and use of electric energy affects human health; to carry out research in and development and demonstration of technologies that could mitigate any adverse human health effects; and to provide for dissemination of information related to possible human health effects of ME exposure. The legislation also called for establishment of a National EMF Interagency Committee (TAC)
From page 12...
... The act directs that the Secretary of Energy "shall enter into appropriate arrangements with the National Academy of Sciences under which the Academy shall periodically submit to the Interagency Committee and the Advisory Committee reports that evaluate the research activities under the program. The report shall include recommendations to promote the effective transfer of information derived from such research projects, including the transfer of information to representatives of State regulatory agencies, State health agencies, electric utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, labor unions, and the public.
From page 13...
... The cancer outcomes identified are rare, as is high-MF exposure in a population; detection of a causal relationship between exposure and health effects at a level of high statistical significance therefore is difficult to achieve. For all the above reasons, quantitative estimates of the relationship between exposure level and excess cancer risk are not persuasive.

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