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EMF-RAPID Program Research Strategy
Pages 14-15

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From page 14...
... Most of the unconfirmed biologic effects have not been conclusively associated with detrimental health effects. Although the history of study of the responses of biologic systems to exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields is extensive, no conclusive evidence of the potential for such fields to cause detrimental health effects has been produced, other than effects caused by direct contact with electrical conductors.
From page 15...
... Specific objectives were identified for each of the four components; these are paraphrased below Tom the National Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Communication Program: Draft Strategic Plan (DOE 1993~. The stated objectives of the scientific research component were to: Steins the biologic effects of electric and magnetic fields on humans, animals, tissues, and cells; conduct replication studies designed to duplicate previous research methods in an attempt to resolve conflicting research results and confirm key research findings; · determine the underlying causes of any biologic effects; establish quantitative dose-response or other quantitative relationships between exposure and effect; and determine whether an association exists between EMF exposure and human health effects using well-designed epidemiologic studies.

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