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Summary of EPACT Committee Interim Report
Pages 19-23

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From page 19...
... A brief summary of each of these components of the interim report follows. · , Status of Research Related to Biologic Effects of Power-frequency Magnetic Field Exposure The biologic-effects portion of the interim report began with a description of the riskassessment process, which appeared to be a central focus of the EMF-RAPID program.
From page 20...
... The interim report commented on the EMF-RAPID program strategy and tactics, citing the emphasis on replication studies and the fact that the broad approach for cultured-cell systems was combined with a more specific focus on copromotioncocarcinogenesis and melatonin effects in the animal studies. The committee felt that the strategy represented a solid compromise based on intriguing data and reasonable hypotheses but that it was unlikely over the program's lifetime to produce a database sufficient to support a formal risk analysis.
From page 21...
... Conclusions of the Interim Report In general, the interim report concluded that the EMF-RAPID program had several commendable components including identification and quantification of appropriate environmental exposure characteristics, reproducibility of crucial biologic experiments, a commitment to reduce experimental uncertainty through a team approach to experimental design, and emphasis on good laboratory practices. Regarding the research strategy and agenda, the committee noted that it would be difficult to obtain definitive results on demand from a program of investigator-initiated basic research.
From page 22...
... Research management The interim report noted that knowledge of mechanisms of ME effects was lacking and that such knowledge would be needed to provide efficient program direction. In general, a focused characterization of environmental exposure as it might be related to biologic effects was urged.
From page 23...
... It also recommended that another booklet be issued for the lay public, expanding the discussion to include laboratory studies and providing a "relatively complete listing of appropriate scientific literature" for "the more interested reader". A second booklet, Questions and Answers about EMF in the Workplace, produced and distributed by the EMF-RAPID program after the interim report, includes laboratory studies and provides a "relatively complete listing of appropriate scientific literature".

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