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Discussion I
Pages 285-288

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From page 285...
... I don't want to steal the thunder of Anton Wagenmakers, but it strikes me that all of the studies that have been done by giving individual mixtures of amino acids, either branched-chain amino acids, glutamine, or glutamate, have, without exception, shown no effect on physical performance.
From page 286...
... What is quite interesting is that in the study that Stroud and Alan Jackson and John Waterlow published in the British Journal of Nutrition, although it cannot really be described as a scientific study, given the way the controls were performed after the event, nevertheless, it is quite interesting that whole body protein turnover did not appear to be markedly depressed, despite the fact that these people were in marked energy deficits, (much more than I imagine any scientist would ever get permission to induce under these circumstances)
From page 287...
... Mike referred very briefly to the situation of overtraining, and it is certainly clear, with overtraining, for example, that you get disruption of normal amino acid concentrations in the muscle and that maybe in this circumstance, the protein requirements are different than for someone who is just doing moderate exercise at a very easy level. But someone who is thrust into repetitive and highintensity exercise clearly ends up with a different response in their muscles, and this difference is something that we should think a little bit about.
From page 288...
... Now, the link [between the immune system and physical activity] would be the problems promoted by leakage of muscle enzymes as a consequence of large amounts of physical activity, which promote an acute phase response, coupled with loss of muscle glutamine and the consequences of that loss.

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