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2 Responses to Questions, Conclusions, and Recommendations
Pages 77-82

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From page 77...
... Are there gender differences in protein requirements in endurance exercise? At the present time, controversy exists regarding the validity of recent estimations of protein and amino acid requirements (particularly the latter)
From page 78...
... Research on the effects of treatment with anabolic hormones, which stimulate protein synthesis or decrease protein breakdown, is ongoing. Results of studies of protein requirements in hot, cold, and high-altitude environments suggest that these conditions do not increase protein requirements beyond currently recommended levels.
From page 79...
... At the present time, considerable debate surrounds the adult requirement for indispensable amino acids and thus high-quality proteins. Research fails to support the use of protein supplements to facilitate muscle building or improve physical performance under conditions of adequate energy and protein intake.
From page 80...
... There is little evidence of increased health risks from a high intake of dietary protein; however, an amino acid imbalance may be created with the use of single amino acid or protein supplements. Although no data are available from groups similar in age and fitness characteristics to military personnel, a review of the information available shows that high protein intake is not associated with direct effects on renal dysfunction, although high-protein diets may indirectly stimulate renal stone formation and result in an increased renal workload because of the need to concentrate urine.
From page 81...
... 1994. Food Components to Enhance Performance, An Evaluation of Potential Peformance-Enhancing Food Components for Operational Rations, B.M.

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