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8 Oversight and Review
Pages 131-136

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From page 131...
... Weak oversight has compromised accountability at all levels, permitted poor procedures for data collection and analysis to persist, and allowed the system to operate without adequate assessment of performance. The committee acknowledges that many aspects of organ procurement and transplantation require effective arrangements and decision making at a local level.
From page 132...
... Some of the activities that could be undertaken in a more proactive manner include, but are not limited to, assessing the equity of access to transplantation, including fairness across socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic groups, and monitoring short- and long-term patient outcomes. Performance Measures The various participants in the transplantation system (including the federal government)
From page 133...
... would facilitate the development and reporting of such performance measures. RECOMMENDATION 8.1: Exercise Federal Oversight The Department of Health and Human Services should exercise the legitimate oversight responsibilities assigned to it by the National Organ Transplant Act, and articulated in the Final Rule, in order to manage the system of organ procurement and transplantation in the public interest.
From page 134...
... The fact that these types of analyses are not conducted routinely and made publicly available in a timely manner should be a matter of concern. Modem computing and information technologies provide mechanisms for facilitating the collection, analysis, and reporting of information essential to the evaluation of the system of organ procurement and transplantation-for example, donor information; OPO and transplant center performance data; biological factors; and, socioeconomic and demographic data on patients, outcomes of donation, organ wastage, primary graft nonfunction, transplant outcomes, and patient outcomes.
From page 135...
... OVERSIGHTAND REVIEW able to independent investigators and scientific reviewers in a timely manner. DHHS should provide an independent, objective assessment of the quality and effectiveness of the data that are collected and how they are analyzed and disseminated by the OPTN.
From page 136...
... John Swanson, III Organ Transplant Service and Consultant to Army Surgeon General for Transplantation Alice Thurston American Association of Kidney Patients

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