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Appendix C Commercial Application of Carbon Bed Filters to Combustion Sources
Pages 70-71

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From page 70...
... Testing indicates that the depthfilter function of the activated carbon fill separates metals and organics associated with solid particulates. Table C- 1 is a partial listing of commercial activated Type of Facility/ Number and Start-up Location Incinerator Capacity of Filters Year Lausward, Dusseldorf, FRG coal power plant 8 x 250,000 nm3/h 1989 Flingern, Dusseldorf, FRG coal power plant 2 x 250,000 nm3/h 1989 Garth, Dusseldorf, FRG coal power plans 1 x 65,000 nm3/h 1988 Energiever Sorgung Oberfranken, coal power plant 1 x 650,000 nm3/h 1990 Arzberg, FRG 1 x45,000 nm3/h 1989 Hoechst, Hoescht, FRG coalpower plans 1 x 1, 330,000 nm3/h 1990 Zavin-Dordrecht, NL medicalwaste 1 x 13,750 sm3/h 1991 Universitastsheizwerk, Heidelberg, FRG medical waste 2 x 6,500 sm3/h 1991 AVR Chemi, NL chemical waste 1 x77,000 sm3/h 1992 AVT-Rotterdam, NL municipal waste 6 x 155,000 sm3/h 1992/93a RWE-Energle, Essen, FRG municipal waste 4 x 168,000 sm3/h 1995 WAV, Wets, Austria municipalwaste 1 xS5,000 sm3/h 1995 RHE, Mannheim, FRG municipal waste 2 x 206,000 sm3/h 1995 RZR Herten, AGR Essen, FRG industrial waste 2 x 70,000 sm3/h 1991/96a AVI ROTEB, Rotterdam, NL municipal waste 4 x 75,000 sm3/h 1993 Rozenburg, DTO-8, hazardous waste 1 x 70,000 sm3/h 1994 AVR Chemi Rotterdam, NL MVA Neu-Ulm, FRG municipal waste 2 x 57,000 sm3/h 1996 MVA Stapelfeld, Hamburg, FRG municipal waste 2 x 120,000 sm3/h 1996 MHKW Kassel, FRG municipal waste 2 x 70,000 sm3/h 1996 AEZ Kreis Wesel, FRG municipal waste 2 x 70,000 sm3/h 1996 HKW NordMK4, Mannheim, FRG municipal waste 1 x 195,000 sm3/h 1997 RVABohlen, FRG hazardous waste 1 x40,000 sm3/h 1998 MVA Koln, FRG municipal waste 4 x 95,000 sm3/h 1998 aMultiple start-up years indicate plant expansions.
From page 71...
... The published emissions control performance for 71 activated carbon bed filters is summarized in Table C-2. Removal efficiencies are reported as greater than a specified percentage because the outlet concentrations are below the detection limits for existing measurement techniques.

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