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6 Bulk Explosives Detection
Pages 36-40

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From page 36...
... that has passed the FAA' s certification test. To obtain certification, equipment must meet the following standards: The detection rates against various types of explosives contained in baggage must have an overall Pa!
From page 37...
... The current deployment of this equipment does not address other threat vectors, such as a passenger carrying explosives on his or her person, carry-on baggage, cargo, mail, or catered food. 3 This number includes one CTX-5000 already deployed at San Francisco International Airport and two CTX-5000s deployed at Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport for previous operational testing.
From page 38...
... Recently, however, the FAA decided to include the CTX-5000s installed during the operational demonstration project in the overall deployment. Two InVision CTX-5000s were installed in Atlanta and one each in San Francisco and Manila.
From page 39...
... In addition, the FAA should ensure that the data-collection plan is carried out and systematically documented. The main conclusion in the final report of the FAA Operational Demonstration Project at San Francisco International Airport was that the time required to resolve alarms must be reduced to increase throughput.
From page 40...
... and the test conditions. The reports on the Manila airport demonstration projects should be completed and reviewed for confirmation of or challenges to the results of the San Francisco tests.

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