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8 Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening and Positive Passenger-Bag Matching
Pages 46-47

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From page 46...
... Neither examining every bag physically nor screening every checked bag with deployed EDS technology is currently feasible. POSITIVE PASSENGER-BAG MATCHING One security procedure adopted for international flights is to match passengers with their checked baggage prior to the departure of the flight, commonly referred to as PPBM (positive passenger-bag matching)
From page 47...
... Department of Justice for review, which determined that CAPS did not violate the constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures and did not discriminate on the basis of color, gender, religion, or ethnic origin. The Department of Justice recommended, however, that the FAA periodically review the CAPS program to ensure that it adheres to constitutional requirements and civil rights laws, that airlines seek governmental approval prior to altering the program, and that employees responsible for the operation of CAPS be trained in civil liberties.

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