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Responses To Congress
Pages 60-63

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From page 60...
... For this reason, operator training could have a significant effect on the SEF. Based on the statistically significant probability that an alarmed bag containing an explosive device might be "cleared" by an operator, the panel determined that an order of magnitude increase in the SEF could result if all alarmed bags cleared by an operator (during the alarm-resolution process)
From page 61...
... Nevertheless, there is not a sufficient amount of deployed equipment to screen every passenger bag or, in some cases, even every selectee bag without interrupting passenger flow. The panel concluded that the FAA/SEIPT, the airlines, airports, and associated contractors have gained significant experience from the initial deployment of security equipment and procedures, and the current implementation of security equipment does not appear to have interfered unreasonably with airline operations.
From page 62...
... MEASURING OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE Because of the paucity of operational data for deployed explosives-detection equipment, the panel found it impracticable to characterize the deployment status of security equipment and processes quantitatively. The data are insufficient both for the equipment and for operator performance, and no quantitative measures of the effectiveness of the total security system (e.g., TAAS)
From page 63...
... The data were not sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of available technologies for improving aviation security. Therefore, at this time, the panel is not able to identify or recommend the most promising technologies for improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of weapons and explosives detection.

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