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Executive Summary
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... The SEIPT assessed the availability of explosives-detection equipment capable of being effectively deployed in commercial aviation and formulated a plan to deploy this equipment in airports throughout the United States. In a separate program, the FAA has tested HULDs designed to contain a discrete explosive blast.
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... The panel concluded that the combined efforts of the government, the airlines, and the airports to date have been effective in deploying aviation security technologies (improving aviation security to a level that will be quantified when additional data are collected during future studies) , although, because of the urgent need for immediate action against incipient terrorism (White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security, 1997)
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... A second Galaxy Scientific design passed the FAA blast test in January 1999. To study operational performance and reliability, the FAA deployed 10 Galaxy HULDs in 1999.
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... Computer-Assistecl Passenger Screening and Positive Passenger-Bag Matching CAPS appears to be an effective way to screen passengers to identify selectees who require further security measures, such as bag matching or bag screening. The panel anticipates that PPBM combined with CAPS will be an effective tool for improving aviation security.
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... Measuring Operational Performance Because of the paucity of operational data for deployed explosives-detection equipment, the panel found it impracticable to characterize the deployment status of security equipment and processes quantitatively. The data are insufficient both for the equipment and for operator performance, and no quantitative measures of the effectiveness of the total security system (e.g., TAAS)
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... of using HULDs along with other security measures, such as passenger profiling and baggage screening. The panel believes that alternative HULD designs may be more practical than existing designs in the TAAS context.

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