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From page 205...
... ,^ . opportunities tor Improvement; · articulation of a policy framework that will provide positive incentives to improve quality and foster accountability; · identification of key characteristics and factors that enable or encourage providers, health care organizations, health plans, and communities to continuously improve the quality of care; and · development of a research agenda in areas of continued uncertainty.
From page 206...
... The methods used for this study included a review of available literature, a commissioned paper, public testimony, a telephone survey, and input from targeted groups on specific issues. A review of the literature relied on published articles focusing on areas of quality, medical errors, patient safety, aviation safety, worker safety, and pharmaceutical safety.
From page 207...
... This meeting was attended by 19 people, all of whom had responsibilities associated with quality-of-care issues, some related to state error reporting programs. Open discussion was held on roles that states can play in ensuring adequate oversight of quality-of-care and patient safety, and what would be helpful to the states to increase their efforts in safety oversight.
From page 208...
... This open discussion covered issues related to the extent to which the health and medical community is aware of quality and safety concerns, specific actions that professional societies and groups can take to improve patient safety, and barriers that impede these actions from moving forward. OTHER IOM WORK ON QUALITY This quality initiative represents a continuing IOM interest in quality of health care.
From page 209...
... APPENDIX A 209 suring the Quality of Health Care, and Collaboration Among Competing Managed Care Organizations for Quality Improvement. Ensuring the Quality of Cancer Care The National Cancer Policy Board undertook a comprehensive review of the quality of cancer care provided in the United States.

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