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6 Dinner Speech
Pages 91-98

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From page 93...
... As you heard, I am in the defense business, and a couple of these topics are extremely important to my industry and me. Information technology, for example, reminds me, as a designer and builder of defense electronics and other battlefield management systems, that information warfare is right behind it.
From page 94...
... First, engineering and its black-andwhite, hard-lined perspective allows you to look at problems in a relatively dispassionate way, hopefully leading to quicker and more productive solutions. As an engineer, using raw data and hard analysis, I try to understand the conditions and how I can solve the issue, whether it is a technical problem or a human relations problem.
From page 95...
... soil with the same impressive results, management at the Big Three automakers took notice. The American managers realized that the Japanese system focused essentially on cycle time and value stream analysis novel concepts back then.
From page 96...
... At the time, the Navy and Air Force each had its own systems, and there were other navigational schemes going on. A few visionaries pushed extremely hard for a unified system and, over time, others determined that this unified approach could open tremendous possibilities for military and nonmilitary functions, including precision weapons and navigation.
From page 97...
... You are all in enviable positions as leaders in your professions. You are part of exciting and rapidly changing times.

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