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... of Earth in a range of wavelengths including ultraviolet, visible, and infrared to observe variations in ozone, aerosols, clouds, and surface ultraviolet radiation and vegetation. Triana is a flight opportunity to ext(~ndand improve observation of the solar wind and spaceweather at a most meaningful site, supplementing the data from the Advanced Composition Explorer satellite.
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... FurtllemlOre, the full-disk Earth observations provide a unique perspective from which to develop new databases and validate and augment existing and planned global databases.l\S an exploratory mission, Triana may well open up the use of deepspaceobservation points such as Ll for Earth science.The task group believes that the potential impact is sufficiently valuable to Earth sciencethat such a mission might have been viewed as an earlier NASA priority had adequatetechnology been available at reasonable cost. The task group is concerned, however, that because of the compressed schedule there may not be adequate time for instrument testing and calibration prior to launch.
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... Under no circumstances should this report or the statementscontained in it be used as a replacementfor these technical evaluations. Sincerely, Mark Abbott Acting Chair, Space Studies Board v Eric~J.

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