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Appendix 1
Pages 23-24

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... francisco Valero of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography1was selected as Principal Investigator to inlptement the Triana mission ba$ed upon the scientific merits ofhis proposal; the supponing t~w includes scientists from 8 universities, industry, intemation&l and government resCtlrchlaboratories. The mission seteCtionalso inctuded enhancementS to proposed instrwr1entation and the addition of a Space Scjence..fur}ded space weather 20
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... Triana is a very imJX1rtant~on for the future direction ofNASA .s Earth Science Enterprise, and an objective and thorough review of the scientific goals of the mission by the NRC will be valuable. Becausethe suspensionof work on Triana while the evaluation is 1mderwaywill1Jtndoubted]

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