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2 International Launch Vehicle Fleet
Pages 8-12

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... Provide no funding support to Russia and adjust the schedule of the ISS Program, as necessary, to accommodate late Russian deliveries. NASA has selected Option 2 as the "recommended" option, which would entail some funding of the Russian Space Agency for the following reasons: · to maintain use of Russian Mission Control · to maintain the schedule of the service module and ensure the availability of spare parts · to maintain uninterrupted crew return capability via
From page 9...
... Lo O Z C) O CL Lo cn CL m Lo LO aaaa' ˘ V: ˘ .
From page 10...
... propulsion module with the ISS this late in the ISS program other costs that may accrue in establishing U.S. autonomy · risks to the program schedule LOGISTICS TRANSPORT Logistics transport will be provided primarily by the Space Shuttle at the rate of five flights per year, supplemented by approximately one flight per year by the European Space Agency's ATV launched by Ariane 5 and about two flights per year by the HTV (provided by the National Space Development Agency of Japan and launched by the H-II launch vehicle)
From page 11...
... Recommendation. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration should proceed with the contractor selection/ contract award process to start the flight system development and fabrication program for the crew return vehicle.
From page 12...
... Presentation by K Poniatowski, Manager, Expendable Launch Vehicles, to the Committee on the Engineering Challenges to the LongTerm Operation of the International Space Station, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C., February 17, 1999.

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