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5 Maintenance Management
Pages 25-28

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... While this report is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment of overall maintenance management, the committee wishes to emphasize the importance of certain specific issues: cost accounting, staff resources, and management commitment. COST ACCOUNTING STRUCTURES The cost accounting structure used by an agency should separately identify costs associated with M&R.
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... The committee observes that such commitment is seldom in evidence in public agencies but is characteristic of many manufacturing concerns where M&R are viewed as tantamount to maintaining ~8 A survey conducted by a standing committee of the Federal Construction Council revealed that among the 11 responding agencies the percentage of O&M needs met through contracting out ranged from 5 percent or less for three agencies to 50 percent or more for four agencies (Federal Construction Council, The Experience of Federal Agencies with Onerations and Maintenance Contracts for Facilities, Technical Report No. 90, Washington, D.C., National Academy Press, 1988~.
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... the ability to operate and produce goods. Elected officials and the public at large, as well as agency managers, must recognize that effective use of public resources and tax dollars depends on the performance of the government's facilities.

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