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Appendix E: Missouri's Land and Buildings System
Pages 45-48

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From page 45...
... In response the division cor~ducted a onetime manual assessment of state facility conditions that was submitted in conjunction with the capital improvements budget requests in September 1980. In an attempt to reduce the workload and time required to furnish this information, LABS was created to automate the data collection.
From page 46...
... LABS information is used in capital improvement planning, historical cost analysis, and managerial review. LABS data are also used by the Division of Design and Construction to support and project capital improvement budget requests and to provide justification for maintenance and repair funds.
From page 47...
... Identify the size of each facility, including number of levels comprising each building facility, and the gross square footage and net assignable square footage of each level. · Identif y the theoretical capacity and current use of each facility within appropriate parameters defined for its function.
From page 48...
... Record historical cost data for each facility, including fiscal year expenditure, scope of work, fund sources, and project number. · Identify and evaluate the extent of access for handicapped persons at state facilities.

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