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Executive Summary
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... ~ The terms "mathematics" and "science" are used in their broadest sense: for the purposes of this report, "mathematics" means the mathematical sciences, which include pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and probability, operations research, and scientific computing; "science" includes the biomedical sciences, engineering sciences, computer science, life sciences, physical sciences, and social and behavioral sciences. 2 For the purposes of this report, "cross-disciplinary" denotes interactions between the sciences and the mathematical sciences.
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... Funding for cross-disciplinary research must not compromise support for basic disciplinary research or for individual investigators. Chapter 4 contains detailed recommendations to funding agencies that will enhance multidisciplinary activities: support for summer institutes, workshops at existing research centers, and new science and technology centers.
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... The committee could advise funding agencies on how they might better evaluate cross-disciplinary research, advise private foundations on effective methods for supporting such research, and inform professional societies about multidisciplinary research opportunities and related educational opportunities. Some specific responsibilities for such a committee are suggested in Chapter 4.

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