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3 Previous Efforts and Studies Relevant to Math/Science Linkages
Pages 31-34

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From page 31...
... ; Data on graduation rates, research funding, and other quantitative measures are routinely collected for the various individual disciplines but would be difficult to collect for cross-disciplinary research, as even the definition of"cross-disciplinary" is a topic of debate among the various research communities. Even if such data were available, they could not be used to project how many more cross-disciplinary researchers are needed and should be trained every year.
From page 32...
... The other disciplines suffer from a loss of expertise and easy access to the vast knowledge base being developed by the mathematical sciences and from the overly specialized mathematical languages and tools that inhibit communication with other disciplines. According to this report, "strengthening the connections between the creators and the users of mathematics, while maintaining historical proficiency in pure mathematics, is the most important opportunity now open for the National Science Foundation in support of that field." Reports from the scientific community likewise acknowledge the benefits of research at the interface between science and mathematical sciences and of providing students, postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers with more training in the mathematical sciences.
From page 33...
... These structures include incentives such as promotion and tenure criteria, which generally need modification if they are to fully value cross-disciplinary research, and disciplinary departments that can introduce new structures and means to promote interaction with colleagues from other departments. Funding agency structures, which work well for disciplinary research proposals but often lack mechanisms for adequately reviewing cross-disciplinary work, also need reform.
From page 34...
... Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. National Science Foundation (NSF)

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