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1 Introduction
Pages 5-8

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... of the effective interaction between mathematics and other fields: the beginning of modern weather prediction, the development of biostatistics, mathematical economics, and biomedical imaging. Behind these dramatic developments lies a vast array of research activities at the interface of mathematics and other disciplines.
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... The members' backgrounds encompass disciplines from the biomedical, life, physical, engineering, and social sciences, and from different mathematical sciences, including statistics and theoretical computer sciences. The methods used by the committee to arrive at the recommendations in this report include the following: Examination of case studies documenting the value of cross-disciplinary work involving mathematical sciences; iFor a few specific examples of research areas ripe for advancement through cross-disciplinary efforts, see the National Science Foundation (NSF)
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... Successful linkages benefit both mathematics and science, and society as a whole will be greatly enriched. Case studies of math-science interactions are presented in Appendix A, and a report on the workshop held by the committee to examine factors enabling and inhibiting crossdisciplinary research is presented in Appendix B
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... ~ 960. The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences.

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