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Appendix C: Public Comment on the National Research Service Award Program
Pages 69-71

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From page 69...
... How does the NRSA program compare in this regard with other forms of federal support, such as research assistantships, dissertation grants, and career development awards? · What improvement should be made to NRSA traineeships and fellowships and to other forms of federal research training support?
From page 70...
... In making the case for a stipend increase, respondents often cited the other research training options and career paths available to students and fellows. Outside the NRSA program, graduate students receive higher stipends with a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and may earn more and receive greater benefits working as a research assistant.
From page 71...
... Most respondents did not consider whether increases in research training support might result in cuts in other forms of funding. Of those that did, most would shift support from research assistantships to training grants; within the NRSA program others suggested reallocating funds from individual fellowships to training grants.

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