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1 An Introduction to Assessment in the Science Classroom
Pages 7-10

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From page 7...
... In the 1920s, {Q tests were used extensively In He public education system to sort students into various school programs. Although they did not have He kind of life-ordea~ consequences associated wig wartime assignments, Hey never~eless counted heavily in determining a person's future.
From page 8...
... The teacher continually probes the student to ensure how well the student understands the concept, to determine how they approach a problem, and to kind out We assume tions that underlie a student's response. During this process,the teacher has unique opportunities to make considered judgments, based on the concrete evidence collected about We quality of student accomplishment.
From page 9...
... The results provide effective assessment to Improve learning and teaching. · Student participation is a key component of successful assessment strategies at every step.

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