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8 Information Gaps and Recommendations for Future Research
Pages 59-62

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From page 59...
... A recent agreement between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and manufacturers and users of MVF to monitor exposures of production workers and users, might provide important data for future epidemiological studies (NAIMA 19991. Results of recent life-cycle studies on refractory ceramic fibers (RCF)
From page 60...
... More systematic testing would clarify the patterns of species and fiber-type dependence and aid in the generalization of effects and application to human risk assessment. One such assessment has already been conducted to determine whether a glassfiber insulation product required a cancer warning label under California proposition 65 (Fayerweather et al.
From page 61...
... The subcommittee believes that when the Navy adopts another organization's standard, as it has adopted the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists threshold limit value, it must evaluate the rationale used by the other organization to develop the standard so that it can assess how appropriate the standard is for its own purposes. It is important that typical fiber concentrations and exposure ranges be measured in the workplace air so that actual worker exposure can be compared with established or proposed occupational exposure standards.
From page 62...
... The Navy should regard its current occupational standard as only one point on an ever-changing mosaic of exposure standards that will require periodic adjustments as new toxicological data become available, new monitoring studies are conducted, and new MVF are introduced into the workplace.

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