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Appendix B: Community Input
Pages 147-152

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From page 147...
... Gardner, W.R., Basic research opportunities in soil science from an Earn science perspective. Ho~nberger, G.M., Linkages between the Earth and environmental sciences.
From page 148...
... Research Opportunities in the Solid-Earth Sciences: A 10-Year Vision, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 6-10, 1998.
From page 149...
... The reports can be found on the committee's Web site http.// by clicking on "current studies," then on "Basic Research Opportunities in the Earth Science at the National Science Foundation." They may also be found at other Web addresses, as indicated in the reference given.
From page 150...
... Sedimentary Systems in Space and Time: High Priority NSF Research Initiatives in Sedimentary Geology. Results of a workshop held in Boulder, Colorado, on March 27-29, 1999, 7 pp.
From page 151...
... Jay Grimes, University of Southern Mississippi Stan Hart, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Robert M Hazen, Carnegie Institution of Washington Attila Kilinc, University of Cincinnati Mark Kuzila, University of Nebraska, Lincoln Stephen Marshak, Geological Society of America, Division of Structure and Tectonics Jim McWilliams, University of California, Los Angeles J
From page 152...
... Noonan, Environmental Protection Agency Horace Smith, Natural Resources Conservation Service Randy Smith, National Imagery and Mapping Agency

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