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Spreadsheets for Transitions to Alternative Vehicles and Fuels

The report and its appendixes are available at

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Appendix F The Vehicle Cost Summary

The Vehicle Cost Summary estimates the cost of the various vehicles analyzed (6 models each of ICEVs, HEVs, battery-powered electric vehicles [BEVs], and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle [FCEVs]).

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Appendix F Vehicle Input Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet shows the committee's estimates of the reduction in energy losses over time for the six vehicles analyzed.

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Appendix H LAVE-Trans Model Spreadsheet

The LAVE - Trans model is an Excel spreadsheet model comprised of 25 worksheets that takes into account consumer choices (discussed in Chapter 4), which are affected by vehicle and fuel characteristics, costs, and policy incentives, to compare different policy-driven scenarios.

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Appendix H VISION Model Spreadsheet

VISION was used to explore the range of possible vehicle and fuel combinations that could attain the goals of this study and their associated costs.
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