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Supporting Students’ College Success identifies 8 intrapersonal competencies that appear to be related to persistence and achievement in undergraduate education and can be enhanced through intervention. Learn more about each competency—how it is defined, how it has been developed through low-cost interventions, and the strength of the evidence that it supports student success. Sense of Belonging
X A student’s sense that he or she belongs at a college, fits in well, and is socially integrated.
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Growth Mindset
X A student’s belief that his or her own intelligence is not a fixed entity, but a malleable quality that can grow and improve.
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Utility Goals and Values
X Personal goals and values that a student perceives to be directly linked to the achievement of a future, desired end.
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Behaviors related to conscientiousness
X Behaviors related to self-control, hard work, persistence, and achievement orientation.
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Academic self-efficacy
X A student’s belief that he or she can succeed in academic tasks.
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Intrinsic goals and interest
X Personal goals that a student experiences as rewarding in and of themselves, linked to strong interest.
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Prosocial goals and values
X The desire to promote the well-being or development of other people or of domains that transcend the self.
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Positive future self
X A positive image or personal narrative constructed by a student to represent what kind of person he or she will be in the future.
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