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On NASA Field Center Science and Scientists: Letter Report (1995)

Study on the Long-term Retention of Selected Scientific and Technical Records of the Federal Government: Working Papers (1995)

Computational and Theoretical Techniques for Materials Science (1995)

A Scientific Assessment of a New Technology Orbital Telescope (1995)

Preserving Scientific Data on Our Physical Universe: A New Strategy for Archiving the Nation's Scientific Information Resources (1995)

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Disposal of Chemicals (1995)

Coal: Energy for the Future (1995)

Microgravity Research Opportunities for the 1990s (1995)

Improved Fire- and Smoke-Resistant Materials for Commercial Aircraft Interiors: A Proceedings (1995)

Calculating the Secrets of Life: Contributions of the Mathematical Sciences to Molecular Biology (1995)

Expanding the Vision of Sensor Materials (1995)

Mathematical Challenges from Theoretical/Computational Chemistry (1995)

Marine Structures Research Recommendations: Recommendations for the Interagency Ship Structure Committee's FY 1995 and Later-Years Research Program (1995)

Finding the Forest in the Trees: The Challenge of Combining Diverse Environmental Data (1995)

Cosmology: A Research Briefing (1995)

Materials for High-Temperature Semiconductor Devices (1995)

Commercial Multimedia Technologies for Twenty-First Century Army Battlefields: A Technology Management Strategy (1995)

Orbital Debris: A Technical Assessment (1995)

Clean Ships, Clean Ports, Clean Oceans: Controlling Garbage and Plastic Wastes at Sea (1995)