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Incorporating Slab/Underlying Layer Interaction into the Concrete Pavement Analysis Procedures (2017)

Acquisition and Operation of Polar Icebreakers: Fulfilling the Nation’s Needs (2017)

Enhancing Airport Wayfinding for Aging Travelers and Persons with Disabilities (2017)

Method Selection for Travel Forecasting (2017)

Guide to Deploying Clean Truck Freight Strategies (2017)

Control of Concrete Cracking in Bridges (2017)

Assessing Aircraft Noise Conditions Affecting Student Learning–Case Studies (2017)

Guide for Identifying, Classifying, Evaluating, and Mitigating Truck Freight Bottlenecks (2017)

Inventory of State and Federal Passenger and Freight Rail Programs (2017)

Statewide and Megaregional Travel Forecasting Models: Freight and Passenger (2017)

Guide for Conducting Benefit-Cost Analyses of Multimodal, Multijurisdictional Freight Corridor Investments (2017)

Challenges to CV and AV Applications in Truck Freight Operations (2017)

Alternative Fuels in Airport Fleets (2017)

Preemption of Worker-Retention and Labor-Peace Agreements at Airports (2017)

Alternate Design/Alternate Bid Process for Pavement-Type Selection (2017)

Assessing Community Annoyance of Helicopter Noise (2017)

Developing a Method Selection Tool for Travel Forecasting (2017)

Guidebook for Quantifying Airport Ground Access Vehicle Activity for Emissions Modeling (2017)

Practices for Evaluating the Economic Impacts and Benefits of Transit (2017)

Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Highway Assets (2017)