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Allocating Federal Funds for State Programs for English Language Learners (2011)

Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures (2017)

Redesigning the U.S. Naturalization Tests: Interim Report (2004)

The Integration of Immigrants into American Society (2015)

Shaping Summertime Experiences: Opportunities to Promote Healthy Development and Well-Being for Children and Youth (2019)

From Generation to Generation: The Health and Well-Being of Children in Immigrant Families (1998)

The New Americans: Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Effects of Immigration (1997)

The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration (2017)

Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth Through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation (2015)

America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences: Volume II (2001)

America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences: Volume I (2001)

Preparing for an Aging World: The Case for Cross-National Research (2001)

Preparing For the 2000 Census: Interim Report II (1997)

Evaluating Welfare Reform in an Era of Transition (2001)

Securing the Vote: Protecting American Democracy (2018)

Parenting Matters: Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0-8 (2016)

The Limits of Recidivism: Measuring Success After Prison (2022)

Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice (2016)

Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States (2013)

Strengthening the Military Family Readiness System for a Changing American Society (2019)