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New Tools for Environmental Protection: Education, Information, and Voluntary Measures (2002)

Toward Environmental Justice: Research, Education, and Health Policy Needs (1999)

The Gulf Research Program: A Strategic Vision (2014)

China and Global Change: Opportunities for Collaboration (1992)

Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment in the Humid Tropics (1993)

Biologic Markers in Immunotoxicology (1992)

Decision Making for the Environment: Social and Behavioral Science Research Priorities (2005)

Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001: Federal Facilities Council Report No. 138 (1999)

Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2008)

Nutrient Control Actions for Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico (2009)

Perspectives on Climate and Environmental Justice on the U.S. Gulf Coast: Proceedings of a Webinar–in Brief (2021)

Managing Wastewater in Coastal Urban Areas (1993)

Toward a Future of Environmental Health Sciences: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2022)

Assessing the TMDL Approach to Water Quality Management (2001)

Assessment of Processing Gelled GB M55 Rockets at Anniston (2003)

Modeling the Health Risks of Climate Change: Workshop Summary (2015)

Characterizing Risk in Climate Change Assessments: Proceedings of a Workshop (2016)

Advancing United States-Mexico Binational Sustainability Partnerships (2021)

Occupational Health and Workplace Monitoring at Chemical Agent Disposal Facilities (2001)