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Advancing Concepts and Models for Measuring Innovation: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Designing Nonmarket Accounts for the United States: Interim Report (2003)

The Mathematical Sciences: A Report (1968)

Beyond the Market: Designing Nonmarket Accounts for the United States (2005)

Strategies for a BEA Satellite Health Care Account: Summary of a Workshop (2009)

Capturing Change in Science, Technology, and Innovation: Improving Indicators to Inform Policy (2014)

The Nature and Role of Algebra in the K-14 Curriculum: Proceedings of a National Symposium (1998)

Climbing the Ladder: An Update on the Status of Doctoral Women Scientists and Engineers (1983)

Improving Data to Analyze Food and Nutrition Policies (2005)

Eliminating Health Disparities: Measurement and Data Needs (2004)