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Wind Turbine Generator Impacts to Marine Vessel Radar (2022)

Electricity from Renewable Resources: Status, Prospects, and Impediments (2010)

The Nexus of Biofuels, Climate Change, and Human Health: Workshop Summary (2014)

Renewable Power Pathways: A Review of the U.S. Department of Energy's Renewable Energy Programs (2000)

Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy (2019)

Renewable Fuel Standard: Potential Economic and Environmental Effects of U.S. Biofuel Policy (2011)

The National Academies Summit on America's Energy Future: Summary of a Meeting (2008)

What You Need to Know About Energy (2008)

Overview and Summary of America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation (2010)

Advanced Technologies for Gas Turbines (2020)

Engineering Responses to Climate Change: Proceedings of a Forum (2022)

Managing Longitudinal Utility Installations on Controlled Access Highway Right-of-Way (2014)

America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation: Summary Edition (2009)

Airport Renewable Energy Projects Inventory and Case Examples (2020)

Closing the Loop on the Plastics Dilemma: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2020)

Sustainability in the Chemical Industry: Grand Challenges and Research Needs (2006)

The Power of Renewables: Opportunities and Challenges for China and the United States (2010)