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Culture, Identity, and Conflict: Suggested Areas for Further Research
Pages 77-80

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From page 77...
... integrated approaches to the role of economic and cultural factors in identity politics. IDENTITY AND ACTION Much of the research on identity is unclear concerning how identity affects the behavior of actors; that is, how does having an identity lead to action?
From page 78...
... In this conceptualization, the reasons to act in a particular way are found in a decision to perform a role, not in a decision to choose between optimizing paths to some preferred outcome. Alternatively, social identity theory suggests that the central causal process in behavior derives from in-group and out-group differentiation, not the roles or identity traits per se that are attributed to in-groups and out-groups.
From page 79...
... A second problem with current integrated models of identity politics is that they cannot account for the fact that local notions of economic advantage are often inconsistent with outside assessments, and therefore current models cannot explain seemingly irrational economic behavior that is, groups or elites pursue identity-based claims even when it appears they will be materially worse off for doing so. Thus, to develop a better understanding of the relationship between economic factors and identity or cultural politics, the researcher is faced with a triple task of · further advancing integrated models that can account for both cultural and economic factors · explaining the general pattern of identity politics, that is, why identity-based movements occur in both rich and poor regions 3For examples, see R
From page 80...
... In addition, the theory may advance the development of integrated models of identity politics by providing a more satisfying explanation of how politicized economic factors affect the development of identities. 5see Herrera, Y

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