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Appendix D Committee Meetings and Other Activities
Pages 105-107

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From page 105...
... objective: Meet with representatives of the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program and the Strateobjective: Discuss evaluation factors, committee activities, gic Environmental Research and Development Program to report development, and future activities. discuss nonintrusive, in-ground assessment technologies for possible use with large CWM burial sites.
From page 106...
... objective: Meet with representatives of the OPCW and obtain their opinions of various international chemical muni nrC participants: Martin Gollin, Todd Kimmel, Douglas tion demilitarization technologies. Medville, George Parshall, and James Pastorick, committee members; Harrison Pannella, study director; and James individuals met with: Ralf Trapp, Jeff Osborne, and Jerzy Myska, research associate.
From page 107...
... objective: Meet with representatives of the Belgian Royal MilitaryAcademy to obtain information on Belgian chemical Washington, D.C., February 3, 2006 munitions demilitarization work. objective: Receive briefing on cold plasma, ask follow-up questions about DAVINCH capabilities, discuss munitions individuals met with: Herbert DeBischopp and Michel processing throughput, learn about evolution of DAVINCH Lefebvre, Belgian Royal Military Academy.

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