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4 Records-Based Data Sources
Pages 13-15

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... More detail on VA records resources is available in Boyko et al., 2000. DATA SOURCES USED TO IDENTIFY PARTICIPANTS AND CONTROLS DoD Fact Sheets Basic information about the Project SHAD tests came from fact sheets prepared by the DoD and posted on a DoD website (DoD, 2006)
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... We used these rosters as well as the company diaries, which document the movement of individuals, to assemble the Marine participant and control cohorts. DATA SOURCES USED TO LOCATE AND FOLLOW-UP PARTICIPANTS AND CONTROLS BIRLS The VA's BIRLS file is a computer file that identifies beneficiaries and locates their VA claims records.
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... Because the NDI contains death information from 1979 on, other data sources must be used to obtain fact and cause of death prior to 1979. Commercial Address Tracing Firms A number of firms can obtain a current address by matching against their files using name and SSN.

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