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... As a result of the June 2006 Nunn-McCurdy certification of NPOESS, the planned acquisition of six spacecraft was reduced to four, the launch of the first spacecraft was delayed until 2013, and several sensors were canceled or descoped in capability as the program was re-focused on "core" requirements related to the acquisition of data to support numerical weather prediction. "Secondary" sensors that would provide crucial continuity to some long-term climate records, as well as other sensors that would have provided new measurement capabilities, are not funded in the new NPOESS program.1 Costs for NOAA's next generation of geostationary weather satellites, GOES-R, have also risen dramatically, and late last year NOAA canceled plans to incorporate a key instrument on the spacecraft -- HES (Hyperspectral Environmental Suite)
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... Formation flight can allow for the synergistic combination of measurements from multiple satellites, sometimes launched years apart. In order to allow for subsequent formation flight with NPOESS platforms, some participants suggested consideration of the requisite orbit maintenance and operations requirements as part of the mitigation strategy for restoring deleted NPOESS and GOES-R climate observing capabilities.
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... Further, many participants noted that while discussions at the workshop were focused on solving nearterm climate measurement continuity issues, there would remain a longer-term problem of sustaining support for climate science. Issues noted included finding an appropriate balance between new and sustained climate observations and managing technology infusion into long-term observational programs (including the challenges of doing so with a multiple-spacecraft -- block-buy -- procurement.

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