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E5: Sweden
Pages 165-168

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From page 165...
... EU Directive 2000/54/EC is implemented through national provisions: AFS 2005:01 Microbiological Work Environment Risks -- Infection, Toxigenic Effect, Hypersensitivity.4 Regarding GMM, the SWEA provisions AFS 2000:05 Contained Use of Genetically Modified Micro-organisms5 following the previous EU Directive 98/86/EC are still in use but will be reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the most recent EU Directive 2009/41/EC6 on GMM. The regulatory text of the SWEA statute books is complemented by extensive recommendations on how to interpret and implement the law.
From page 166...
... Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control,1 National Veterinary Institute,2 Swedish Defense Research Agency,3 National Board of Health and Welfare,4 universities, and committees. Standards The EU Directive 2000/54/EC5 and the SWEA statute book AFS 2005:16 provide the overarching regulatory framework for construction of containment facilities.
From page 167...
... . The European Commission has adopted an EU CBRN Action Plan12 on strengthening chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN)

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