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Appendix B: Committee and Staff Biographical Information
Pages 57-62

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From page 57...
... He has also served as a regular member of other national or international committees such as the NRC's Board on Radiation Effects Research and the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board. He was a member of the Scientific Council of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima and is a member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)
From page 58...
... Her research interests include methods to improve radiation risk projection and the conduct of epidemiological studies of cancer risks from both low- and high-dose medical radiation exposures. She has served on the U.K.
From page 59...
... At MGH, Dr. Held leads a team that is involved in research on molecular mechanisms for the induction of bystander effects by high-energy particles in cells and tissues, characterization of proton-beam-induced DNA damage responses, the development of a cancer screening platform for personalized radiation medicine, mechanisms for the regulation of DNA damage response by cell-cell communication (NCI Federal Share-funded)
From page 60...
... His professional career began at the European Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, and continued at the German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Germany, and at the University of Saarland, Germany. Previously, he worked as scientific program manager at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, and was then appointed the head of the Radiation Protection Group at CERN.
From page 61...
... At present he serves as a member of the Topical Team IBER for the European Space Agency to review and update scientific knowledge in space radiation biology and dosimetry and is a member of the EU MELODI Group devel oping the Strategic Research Agenda for Radiation Protection Program for the next 20 to 30 years. He is or has been a member on several Research Council committees in the United Kingdom.
From page 62...
... Before joining SSB, most of his vocational life was spent in the health profession as a pharmacy technologist at Doctor's Hospital in Lanham, Maryland, and as an interim center administrator at the Concentra Medical Center in Jessup, Maryland. During that time, he participated in a number of Quality Circle Initiatives that were designed to improve rela tions between management and staff.

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