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Appendix G: Academic Survey of Veterinary Personnel
Pages 306-310

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From page 306...
... The two members of the study committee who were deans of veterinary colleges also contacted the non-responders. As a result responses were received from 27 of 28 colleges/schools of veterinary medicine, 6 of the 9 veterinary science departments, and 5 of the 7 comparative medicine departments.
From page 307...
... This questionnaire is to request that you assist in planning for the future of academic veterinary medicine by sharing information that will help in formulating the current and planned academic workforce needs and/or options for meeting requirements of a national veterinary workforce. This web based survey is designed so that you can stop answering the questions at any time and return to the survey to answer more questions or change answers to already completed questions.
From page 308...
... 2016 Faculty - tenure track Faculty - non tenure track clinical Faculty - non tenure track research DVM professional students Graduate students - masters Graduate students - doctoral Postdoctoral associates Clinical interns Clinical residents Masters in Public Health Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine
From page 309...
... 2007 2010 2016 BASIC SCIENCES: Anatomy Biochemistry/Physiology Embryology Epidemiology Food Safety/Public Health Genetics Immunology Medicine Microbiology/Virology/ Parasitology Nutrition Pathology Pharmacology Reproduction Surgery Toxicology CLINICAL SCIENCES: Large Animals: Equine Medicine Equine Surgery Food Animals: Beef Dairy Poultry Small Ruminants Swine Small Animals: Anesthesiology Behavior Cardiology Clinical Pathology Dentistry Dermatology Emergency Medicine Critical Care Internal Medicine Lab Animal Neurology Nutrition Pharmacy Shelter Medicine Surgery Soft Tissue Orthopedics Theriogenology Zoological/Wildlife Other ____________
From page 310...
... : 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 DVM's DVM/Ph's PhD's MPH MPVM MSc MBA 9) Is your college/school/department planning a "Center of Emphasis" (special training for 4th year students who desire in-depth training with species, disciplines, i.e.

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